Travel Reservation Systems for Tour Operators, and Accommodation Providers

Manage travel, accommodation and extras in one system

Dynamically create travel and accommodation packages

Tailored travel solutions

Booking your trip should feel like the start of your holiday…

Which is why JFA Systems have, since 1991, focused on creating the most flexible, comprehensive and user-friendly travel reservation systems – supporting all types of tour operators, online travel agents and accommodation providers to create the perfect travel package for their customers.

At the heart of all of our solutions is the Diamond Reservation System – which includes, as core functionality, all of the best-practice processes required to manage and track customer reservations across all of the components of a travel package: flights, accommodation, transfers, vehicle hire, tours, in-resort extras, and more.

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Diamond also allows genuine centralisation of your reservations processes, with the same system underpinning both your in-house reservation agents as well as direct customer reservations online.

Whether you wish to manage your own allocation of accommodation and flights, combine 3rd party products into travel packages or indeed distribute your own products to 3rd party sales channels worldwide, JFA Systems solutions have the flexibility to deliver exactly what you need.

  • Real flexibility to suit your business
  • Simplicity that customers will love
  • Choice of technical solutions
  • No capital investment required
  • Scalable pricing based on reservation volume

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Tour Operators

Complete reservations systems – bringing together flights, accommodation, transfers and extras, with a single solution powering in-house and online reservations.

Accommodation Providers

Allowing customers to make direct reservations for all types of accommodation, and enabling global distribution of your accommodation products to 3rd party channels.

Tour Operator Reservation Systems

Creating your customer’s ideal holiday package can seem like a complex affair.

Whether it’s arranging convenient flights and transfers around your accommodation availability, managing car hire, ski hire or any of the other extras that you know will make your customer’s trip unforgettable – you want it to be perfect.

Reservation systems that manage this complicated balance for tour operators is JFA’s bread and butter.

Our systems have been built from the ground up by tour operators, for tour operators. They enable you to simplify the operational side of your business and focus on creating the perfect holiday package for your customers.

We can consolidate all of the different components of your business and make the whole process feel a lot less complex than it really is. Flight, accommodation, transfers, extras – all standard, core components of the system.

The systems are flexible and scalable and can grow and evolve as your business does – and our range of hosted options ensure that there will be a technical solution that fits your business. Pricing is based on the number of reservations you manage, and so the systems are affordable for small and large businesses alike.

The holiday starts here

  • Convenience and flexibility customers will love
  • Create the perfect combination of products
  • Make reservations feel like the start of the holiday.

Simplifying the complex

  • Reduce the operational complexity of your business
  • Manage travel, accommodation, extras and more
  • Scalable, affordable systems that grow with you
  • Flexibility to fit how your business works
  • Seamless management of in-house and 3rd party products
  • Single solution for call centre and customer web
  • Distribute your products via travel agents
  • Expert support for maximum benefits


Accommodation Reservation Systems

Maximise accommodation occupancy by distributing your hotels to 3rd party sales channels

Accommodation reservations have always been a core part of JFA’s travel reservation systems, allowing all types of client partners to intelligently manage reservations for hotels, apartments, villas and chalets as part of their customers’ travel packages.

But for those whose core business is accommodation, ensuring optimum occupancy is key.

On top of our industry-leading reservations functionality, we offer accommodation providers the ability to dynamically distribute their properties to 3rd party sales channels, with up-to-the-minute availability and pricing information. Our systems are primed to offer all types of pricing models – based on occupancy, per room, availability and more – and have comprehensive operations and reporting functionality to make the day-to-day management of bookings, and care of your guests, a breeze.

Expanding your reach

  • Flexibility: Offer reservations directly via your sales centre and online
  • Offer new sales channels: Distribute your properties for reservation via travel agents and other 3rd parties
  • Real-time control: Dynamic control over accommodation pricing and availability
  • Manage reservations for in-resort extras
  • Combine flight reservations and transfers
  • Powerful operational reporting.
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