At the heart of our solutions

JFA’s travel reservation systems are built around two core software modules: the Diamond Reservation System and the Amethyst API Manager. They can be deployed together – as a comprehensive reservations solution with integrated 3rd party product options – or as standalone products, depending on the needs of your business.

Diamond Reservation System

The Diamond Reservation System is focused on streamlining and managing the reservation process itself.

Diamond is the fundamental building block of the reservation process, and it enables both your in-house reservation staff, and customers via the web, to browse, choose and reserve all of the components of a travel package. It has been built from the ground up to be the most flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use solution for managing reservations of all types.

Flights/Transport | Accommodation | Transfers, Car Hire & Extras

Amethyst API Manager

The Amethyst API Manager represents a single, consolidated integration solution – for intelligently managing your system’s connection to 3rd party sales channels.

Fundamentally, the Amethyst API manager acts as the interface between your reservations system and other travel product providers, such as global transport distribution systems and hotel aggregators. Amethyst is used dynamically to ‘pull’ 3rd party products (such as flights and hotels)  into your reservation system – allowing you to offer a far wider range of products to your customers.

The Amethyst API Manager has been created to work seamlessly with the Diamond Reservations System, but is built around standards-based API technology, allowing it to be easily integrated with a wide range of other reservations systems.

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Overview of JFA's Online Reservation System architecture