Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

The Diamond Reservation System’s new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module will truly put the customer at the centre of your operation.

Having genuinely customer-centric processes is the holy grail for many businesses – and Diamond can help you achieve that with its new Customer Dashboard.

This means that all reservations staff can instantly access a wealth of rich information about each customer, from details of previous and current reservations, to preferred departure airports and average holiday satisfaction scores.

The CRM module also provides a clean, intuitive reporting structure into this customer data. From a planning and marketing perspective, this not only allows you to better understand the demographics of your customers, but also generate segment-based marketing opportunities in the form of mailing lists and online surveys.


Key Information

  • Customer-centric data structure
  • Holistic customer dashboard
  • Intelligent downstream marketing & reporting

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Connected Data

Your customer and reservations data are genuinely ‘hooked up’. Any changes to the customer details (like a change of address) are automatically reflected in their reservations, because that data is derived dynamically from the customer record.

Holistic Customer View

You can get a 360-degree view of each of your customers via the Customer Dashboard, which pulls together all of the relevant information for each individual.


Downstream processes

It enables a number of downstream processes such as customer-level reporting, online surveys and mailing lists, all of which can help you to better understand your customers and better market your products and services.

Customer Dashboard

The Customer Dashboard provides the reservations agent with a quick and convenient view of all stored customer data:

  • Intelligent customer search using key attributes such as email address, name, postcode or unique customer ID
  • Full customer details including full name, address, phone number(s), DoB and details of other associated passengers
  • Reservations and quote history – full list of previous and current reservations, with the ability to drill-down into individual reservations
  • Customer Loyalty metrics display total booking value, total number of bookings and average satisfaction score
  • Travel preferences such as preferred departure airport, accommodation type & grade, locations and more
  • Marketing and communications preferences
  • Booking comments and other information such as details of previous customer contacts, dietary requirements and so on.

Reporting, Mailing Lists & Surveys

By collecting the data used in the Customer Dashboard, the Diamond Reservation System is able to provide valuable aggregated customer data:

  • Better understand your overall customer demographics, such as age, gender, preferred locations, accommodation types
  • Create customer segments for improved marketing
  • Generate targeted mailing and surveys lists, including direct API integration into Mailchimp® email campaigns and SurveyMonkey® online surveys.

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