Flight & other Transport Reservations


Flight & other Transport Reservations

Managing flight reservations is a core part of JFA’s travel reservation systems, in the form of flight-only bookings or as a component part of full, integrated holiday packages.

But transport reservations are more than simply flights – our systems have the flexibility to offer reservation functionality for rail, sea or coach transport to enable you to offer far greater choice to your customers. The core transport reservations functionality is provided by our robust, proven Diamond Reservation System.

Bookings can be made directly in the Diamond System by your agents in the call centre or by your customers directly using a seamless, standards-based interface from your customer website. The flights that are available to book from within your system can be your own allocation of seats (such as block bookings or full charter flights) or those sourced dynamically from Global Distribution Systems (GDS) such as Amadeus, Multicom and other suppliers such as Gold Medal Travel.


Key information

  • Manage reservations for flights, rail, sea and coach
  • Offer choice and flexibility to your customers
  • Available for in-house reservations and via your website
  • Multiple existing integrations into global transport providers

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Simple Allocation Loading

  • Upload your own flight allocations
  • Multiple upload options
  • Dynamic stock management
  • Spreadsheet uploads for fare pricing

Third Party Integrations

  • Manage & sell flights from global providers
  • Multiple pre-built integrations, including GDS
  • Combine 3rd party flights with your own allocation
  • Clever syncing functionality

Highly configurable

  • Offer flight-only or package reservations
  • Dynamically prioritise stock
  • Flexible mark-up options
  • Advanced filtering rules

User-friendly UI

  • User-friendly screens for agents
  • Clear display of flight options
  • Accelerate the reservation process
  • Intelligent search options

Single Component or Packaged Solutions

Flight reservations are a core component of JFA’s Diamond Reservation System.

This means that not only can you offer flight-only bookings, but flights can also be incorporated into complete reservations packages – either in the form of pre-packaged holidays (allowing you to combine your own products and price on a ‘bundled’ basis) or selected and added individually as part of a dynamic package.

For flight-only providers, your solution can easily scale and grow over time to incorporate other components such as accommodation reservations and extras such as car hire, transfers and excursions.

Allocated or 3rd Party/GDS flights

The Diamond Reservation System can incorporate both allocation-based flights and those sourced from Global Distribution Systems.

So, if you have your own allocation of flights or seats (such as a block allocation on a particular charter flight), then this allocation of stock, along with pricing models and other key parameters, can be easily uploaded into your system for immediate or scheduled availability.

Any allocation you have uploaded can then be combined with flights dynamically sourced from global distribution systems and providers, such as Amadeus or Gold Medal.

Online or In-House Reservations

All flight reservations are generated and stored within the Diamond Reservation System – and they may be created directly in that system by a reservations agent or via your customer website using a standards-based web API.

As a result, all reservations – regardless of how they were made – are stored centrally and with a consistent data and format structure. Availability and pricing are therefore always up-to-the-minute, with holistic management information and operational reporting.

Affordable, scalable solutions

JFA’s solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable, and do not require any significant capital expenditure or technical hardware.

Solutions are priced based on your volume of reservations, meaning that they are affordable for small and large organisations. And with fully hosted solutions available, JFA can take care of all of the technical requirements – meaning that all you need to manage your reservations is a web browser and internet connection.


Rail, Sea & Coach Reservations


The Diamond Reservation System has been designed for ultimate flexibility, and can be configured to manage reservations for multiple types of holiday transport.

Whether you need to incorporate coach travel as part of a packaged tour, or you want to offer your customers the flexibility of comparing options such as Eurotunnel vs flights, then we can configure the Diamond Reservation System to do exactly that.

Most importantly, your reservation system can be configured to match how your business operates. If you want to keep it simple and offer pre-packaged products, no problem. But likewise, if it’s important to give your customers the broadest choice of travel options and allow them to create their own custom packages, then the Diamond Reservation System is perfectly placed to handle it.

P&O ferries, Euro Tunnel & Voyages SNCF logos

Planes, trains and automobiles

  • Core reservations functionality supports many major rail, sea and coach transport providers in addition to full flight reservations
  • Multiple direct provider integrations already available – P&O, Eurotunnel, Voyage SNCF/Rail Europe, Monarch Airlines, Easyjet
  • Custom integrations into specific 3rd party providers available.

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