JFA Systems (JFA), the online travel reservation systems specialist, has been appointed by TUI to develop a standalone extras system, named Quartz, following a competitive pitch.

The brief was to create a unique, dynamic ancillary management system with the capability to manage extras for multiple selling systems. JFA’s Quartz is a modern platform which will be developed initially for Crystal Ski extras as a standalone system. As a ski operator, extras are vital for Crystal Ski both as a revenue generator in their own right – by creating special offer ski packs – and as an incentive to buy a holiday.

However in a demanding and fast changing marketplace, the traditional method of managing ancillaries is too time consuming, meaning offers are not put on sale fast enough.

Quartz solves this problem by using cutting-edge technology to turn around requests – even incredibly large ones – in under a second. It is able to do this because the intelligent system does not directly manage the data but, instead, asks the user what they want to do and then does the loading work for them. The system is designed so that marketing departments can create their own offers and Quartz manages all the inventory work – which is usually tedious and time consuming – for them.

Powered by a next-generation technology, the system is incredibly fast and easy to operate: users simply tell it what they want and it will do all the hard work for them. Quartz can manage extras for multiple selling systems making it a useful tool when companies use different systems, selling different products.

Quartz allows the user to create a large number of offers very easily – for example, it will take a user around two minutes inputting information into the system in order to generate two hundred offers.

Nigel Smith, head of IT at TUI SKI said: “We’re pleased to appoint JFA Systems following an impressive proposal. The team not only demonstrated a clear understanding of our business requirements but also presented a working prototype to bring Quartz to life. The next generation tools and components JFA Systems are developing are in line with our own innovative technology roadmap, which makes us confident of a successful partnership.”

Since 1991, JFA has developed and managed reservation systems for customers across the travel sector including high profile clients such as TUI and Walt Disney Travel Company. JFA has worked to deliver highly flexible, comprehensive and user-friendly travel reservation systems to support tour operators, accommodation providers and online travel agents.

Jim Fatah, Chairman at JFA Systems said: “We’re thrilled that TUI has chosen Quartz. It’s a hugely exciting project and we’re looking forward to working with them closely to improve the company’s ancillary management processes.”

JFA is dedicated to its clients, offering affordable solutions for both small and large businesses based on the number of reservations managed. Based near Gatwick in Surrey the team is dedicated to working in close partnership with its customers and providing 24/7 support.